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The Best Search Engines in the World – 2021

Have you ever questioned yourself, which search engine is best? Of course, your answer will be Google. Well, we all know about Google as one of the best search engines being most widely used for searching any keywords, questions, etc. which approximately constitutes more than 89% of the searches among all the search engines.

Well, Google is such a brand that people use to open to check their internet connection being connected or not.

But have you ever analyzed, who are the competitors of Google? Well, in this article, we would be covering the Top 10 Search engines most widely used in the world.

Think SEO
Think SEO

So, which are the 10 best and top search engines ? Apart from google, there are other search engines which you may not know currently, but still serve many millions of searches per day.

Yes, Its shocking to hear that, but its true that Google is not the only search engine available on internet today.

Recent Statistics (Updated on May 2020), shows that Google is such a top search engine that its competitors don’t lie nearby.

Search Engine Statistics
Top Search Engines Statistics – 2020

List of Top 10 best Search Engines

Some search engines which comes in top 10 are as below:

  1. Google
  2. Bing
  3. Yahoo
  4. Baidu
  5. Yandex
  6. DuckDuckGO
  7. Ask
  8. AOL
  9. WolframAlpha
  10. Internet Archiv

As per the global search engine statistics by Statcounter, google covers around 91.89 % of market share. Other search engine market share statistics are as follows:

Top search Engines statistics
Top search Engines Statistics – 2020
Top 6 market Search Engine statistics – 2020

Some Top Search Engines in Detail

Lets get to know the top search engines in detail one by one.


Google Search Engine
Google Search Engine

Google is the best search engine standing in the 1st position in top market leaders of the search engine category. It corresponds to 70.83 % to 91.98% of the market share worldwide.

As you can see in the above statistics, google is dominating in all the counties on any device (desktop, mobiles, or tablets).

The search results in google actually made it in the top listing among others. Google uses some sophisticated algorithms and always keep monitoring of all the searches and its displaying results.

Many people invest in google ads, focuses on SEO and other kinds of stuff spending millions just to rank on google.


Bing Search Engine
Bing Search Engine

It is being the best alternative to Google. Its Microsoft’s product and always attempt to challenge Google in search.

It stands in 2nd position among all the engines but still it far behind as compared to Google.

Its market share lies between 2.55% to 12.61%.

Its market share is below 6% even though it being a default search engine for Windows PCs.


Yahoo Search Engine
Yahoo Search Engine

Its market share lies between 1.66% to 2.83%. Though it one of the famous email service provider but ranks in 3rd position in search engine category.

Its being the default search engine for Firefox browsers in US still ranking far behind from Google and Bing.


Baidu Search Engine
Baidu Search Engine

Its market share lies between 0.7% to 11.83%. Its market share sometimes goes up as it being the most famous search engine in China.

It was founded in the year 2000. According to the wiki, its market share is continuously increasing and currently accounts billions of search queries per month. As per Alexa rankings, it ranks in 4th position.


Yandex Search Engine
Yandex Search Engine

Its market share lies between 0.45% to 1.41% and is the most famous search engine in Russia.

Actually it’s a technology company specialized in building intelligent products and services that focus mainly on machine learning.

According to Wikipedia, it accounts to 65% of market share in Russia.


DuckDuckGo search engine
DuckDuckGo Search Engine

Its market share is around 0.42%.

Unlike others, it does not have its own search index but generates the search results using other sources like bing, yahoo, StackOverflow, etc.


Among all the search engines in 2020, Google ranks number 1. Its market share is so high that its competitors have to work too hard to come on their level.

Currently Google is living as a king in the search engine category and in coming 10 years, its expected to remain as it is.

To any business to market online, generally, people prefer Google Ads. Moreover, you can learn How to Make a Perfect Business Plan from Here.

While Google remaining in the top position, there may be good competition among the other players to rank in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th positions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best search Engines ?

The top search engine is Google, followed by Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, etc.

What are the top search engines for jobs ?

Top search engines for jobs are Indeed, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, SimplyHired, etc.

What are the best search engines for hotels ?

The best search engines for hotels are, Kayak, Priceline,, HotelsCombined, etc.

What are best Search Engine Privacy ?

Some of the search engine privacy are DuckDuckGo, Qwant, StartPage, Privatelee, Swisscows, etc.

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